Jay P. Fehskens
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Jay P. Fehskens

Jay P. Fehskens

M.S. in Real Estate
Alumnus, Class of 2009

The ability to network with industry professionals has been the single biggest benefit of earning the M.S. in Real Estate at the NYU School of Professional Studies Schack Institute of Real Estate, acknowledges Jay P. Fehskens, who graduated from the program in 2009. "People I went to school with are now in California, India, Europe, and South America. It’s an unparalleled, worldwide network."

Fehskens was working as a lending officer in residential real estate when he saw the market softening and decided to go to graduate school. Beyond the rigorous classroom experiences, the Schack Institute exposed him to singular opportunities to learn from industry leaders, such as billionaire real estate developer Larry Silverstein, who lectured at Institute-sponsored breakfast events. Also, the chance to attend the Real Estate Capital Markets Conference—which Schack students can participate in free of charge—provided him with the opportunity to meet and mingle with top industry professionals. "Networking is not only a benefit in the here and now, the relationships you build will serve you throughout your career."

An internship that was completed as part of his studies turned into a permanent employment opportunity. Today Fehskens serves as an associate in asset management and acquisitions at Time Equities, Inc. a privately held, full-service real estate company.