Juliana Vélez
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Juliana Vélez

Juliana Vélez

MS in Global Affairs
Alumna, Class of 2015

One of the many reasons I chose to pursue my master's degree at the NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs (CGA) was its interdisciplinary concentrations, including Global Gender Studies. The program is designed to provide students with practical skills, real-world knowledge, and field experience necessary to work and succeed in diverse positions for a variety of organizations.

In addition to preparing me for professional life after graduation, the concentration curriculum fit my interests, strengths, and passions, especially given my past studies and work on gender equality and empowerment issues. The challenging, enlightening, and invigorating classes; the internships; and more importantly, the relationships with and opportunity to learn from CGA faculty members such as Professor Goetz and Professor Maier, among many others, exceeded my expectations.

While at CGA, I was able to work for UN Women as a peace and security area consultant and land a full-time job at the Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), all within the same summer. Currently, I am an advocacy and projects associate at WEDO, where I provide strategic support and assist in implementing key programs focused on advocating for gender-responsive climate policy and for the voices of women and girls from frontline and grassroots communities on issues of climate change, as well as implementing climate justice initiatives that demand gender equality and women's rights. I encourage everyone to take a CGA gender studies course because the topics discussed are relevant to every career path, every sector, and, you never know, it may lead you to dedicating the rest of your life to ensuring the equal and full participation of women and girls around the world.