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Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

The NYUSPS Urban Lab at the Schack of Institute of Real Estate hosts events throughout the year with real estate developers, civic leaders, economic development practitioners, and urbanists addressing key issues impacting cities and placemaking.

Recent Events

Building Inclusive Cities: One-on-One with Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne (2/7/17)
Premier Wynne discussed our cities’ most pressing urban challenges, including affordable housing, healthcare, and public transit with renowned urbanist, Richard Florida.

When Real Estate Meets Innovation (12/7/17)
A panel of experts discussed the challenges and opportunities that arise when technology becomes a key player in a city's economy.

The Driverless City (10/30/17)
A panel of experts discussed how autonomous vehicles have the potential to transform cities into more sustainable, economically productive places to live and work.

The Case for Inclusive Prosperity (9/27/17)
A panel of experts discussed how cities and real estate investors can partner to build more inclusive communities.

The New Urban Crisis (4/26/17)
Two panels that brought together prominent thought leaders in government, urban planning, and the media, focused on how America’s urban renewal has turned into a new urban crisis and how New York as a “super city,” has faced up to the challenges of emerging influences and trends.

Empowering Cities Under the New Administration (02/02/17)
Panelists debated the challenges cities face in engaging with the new administration and how they can support urban innovation in the context of a more complex political environment.

Zika and the City: How Epidemics Impact the Health, Real Estate, and Tourism of Our Cities (12/15/16)
Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, noted urbanist and NYUSPS Professor Richard Florida, and leading NYUSPS experts examined the impact of Zika on cities and how cities respond to health crises.

Building a New Urban Agenda (11/02/16)
A panel of distinguished urban thought leaders and policy makers discussed a national urban agenda.

The Creative City: A Discussion with Dr. Richard Florida and Dr. Sam Chandan (10/13/16)
The discussion explored the forces that are reshaping the urban environment and real estate markets today.