Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies Admissions FAQs-Credit Transfers

Credits completed previously at an accredited college or university may be considered for transfer into the NYU School of Professional Studies NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies Division. The Office of Admissions reviews the transcripts that you submit as part of the application process. If you are admitted, you will receive a transfer credit evaluation when you meet with your academic advisor.

In order for credits to transfer, they must be from an accredited institution, you must have received a ā€œCā€ or better in the course, and they must be relevant to your program of study at NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies.

Yes. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a way for students to earn college credit through standardized exams. The computer-based tests typically cover the learning in introductory college courses in 26 subject areas. The  NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies Division offers college credit for most CLEP Subject Examinations. However, the NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies Division does not accept every exam and it is important to discuss this option with your academic advisor prior to taking any exams after you are admitted.

Yes. Experiential learning is a great way to demonstrate how the college-level learning you have achieved through your life experience is equivalent to that of a specific course within your program of study. Students enroll in a two-credit Seminar in Experiential Learning to develop prior learning portfolios on a course-by-course basis. The seminar teaches you how to build a portfolio. You do not pay tuition for credits earned through the portfolio process.

At NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies, you may earn up to half of your degree by demonstrating learning achieved through prior educational or life experience. There are four credit for prior learning pathways, and your academic advisor will work with you to determine which is right for you, once you are admitted.

NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies accepts a maximum of 50 percent (half) of the credits needed to earn a degree by evaluating prior learning, transferable credits, experiential learning, CLEP test scores, and scores of proficiency testing in foreign languages. For a bachelors degree, this is a maximum of 64 credits, and, for an associates degree, the maximum is 30 credits.