Federal Pell Grants

The Federal Pell Grant Program provides assistance to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need according to requirements established by the federal government. To be eligible, you must enroll in a degree program and be matriculated for your first bachelor's degree. You are not eligible if you have already completed a bachelor's degree. You are automatically considered for the Pell Grant upon filing the FAFSA. For more information, see the NYU Office of Financial Aid.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP is a grant awarded by the State of New York. Legal residents of the state of New York who are enrolled in a full-time degree program may be eligible for awards under this program. Eligible students will be awarded between $100 and $2,500 (check the Office of the Registrar for updates). TAP is based upon financial need, and you must file a FAFSA and a separate TAP application. If you qualify for TAP, the TAP application instructions will be included in your FAFSA results.

Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)

APTS is a financial aid program that offers New York state residents pursuing part-time undergraduate degree study awards in amounts of up to $2,000 per academic year. To be eligible, the student must have filed a FAFSA and demonstrate financial need; must not have exhausted their TAP eligibility; must be otherwise eligible for financial aid; and must be enrolled for 3 to 11 credit points per term.