Graduate Admissions FAQs-Credit Transfers

A student can potentially transfer up to six credits and apply them towards the credits that need to be earned at the NYU School of Professional Studies. The program office will evaluate your credits after you have been admitted and have registered. Transfer credits are only eligible from another graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university, and will only be accepted if you did not complete the graduate degree for which the credits are associated.

If you have earned additional credits beyond the six that qualify for transfer into your graduate program of study at the NYU School of Professional Studies, or if you have completed another graduate degree and have acquired knowledge equivalent to a course in your program of study at the School but that is not eligible for transfer, you also may be considered for course waivers. If you are granted a course waiver, you are waived from a course within your program of study, but you must take another course in its place.