Graduate Admissions FAQs-Costs & Aid

The total cost of a graduate program of study may vary, depending upon the number of credits required for that particular program and whether you are attending part-time or full-time in any given semester. For detailed information regarding our tuition and fee structure, please refer to the Tuition and Fees section of the website.

All financial aid is determined by information submitted by a student on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All domestic students (US citizens and permanent residents) are eligible to complete the FAFSA. Based upon the information provided, students will be considered for funds available through the federal government as well as for NYU School of Professional Studies scholarships. The NYU school code is 002785. For details, please see the FAFSA website.

For more information on scholarships, loans, and payment plan options, visit Financing Your Education.

If you are eligible to file the FAFSA (US citizens and permanent residents only) and you are registered for at least six credits each semester, then you are eligible for financial aid. If you drop below six credits, you are not eligible for federal aid or NYU School of Professional Studies scholarships. Students planning to take less than six credits who require financial assistance should consider private or alternative loans.

Because international students are not eligible to file the FAFSA, they are not eligible for US federal aid. Financial aid is very limited for international students, but resources do exist. Many international students find funding opportunities in their home countries. However, if that is not available other options include:

For more information on the above options, please see:

Federal work-study opportunities may be awarded to domestic students who complete the FAFSA, but are generally reserved for students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. Additionally, NYU provides a wide range of traditional employment opportunities for students, and all students can take advantage of career management services offered through their academic department and through the Wasserman Center for Career Development at the NYU School of Professional Studies.

The NYU School of Professional Studies does not offer teaching or research assistant positions.

It is not too late to file your FAFSA because we have rolling admissions at the NYU School of Professional Studies. However, we recommend that you complete your FAFSA as soon as possible so that it can begin processing.