Core and Major Curriculum

NYU School of Professional Studies Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport students take 60 credits of Liberal Arts Core courses at NYU's central Washington Square campus, with myriad opportunities to study abroad. The sequence of study is designed to sharpen reading comprehension and writing skills, elevate creative and critical thinking capacities, and enhance social and cultural understanding.

8 credits. Students choose from following courses (AP units will not substitute):

Course Title Credits
WRI-UF101 Writing I 4
EXWR1-UC7502 Writing Workshop I* 4
WRII-UF102 Writing II or Writing the Essay 4
EXWR1-UC7503 Writing Workshop II* 4

*Adviser approval needed.

4 credits. Students choose one course from the following:

Course Title Credits
MATH-UA9 Algebra and Calculus 4
MATH-UA121 Calculus I 4
MATH1-UC1105 Mathematical Reasoning* 4
MATH1-UC1171 Pre-Calculus 4

*Adviser approval needed.

20 credits. Students must take five of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
ECON-UA1 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
ECI-UF101 Principles of Microeconomics 4
ECON1-UC301 Intro to Macroeconomics 4
ECON-UA2 Introduction to Microeconomics 4
ECON1-UC302 Intro to Microeconomics 4
CORE-UA105 Quantitative Reasoning: Elementary Statistics 4
MATH1-UC1172 Statistical Methods 4
Course Title Credits
PSYCH-UA1 Intro to Psychology 4
SOC-UA1 Intro to Sociology 4
SOC-UA3 Introduction to Sociology: Great Books 4
  Social Science Elective 4

*Adviser approval needed.

4 credits. Students must take one of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
ENVST-UA100 Environmental Systems Science 4
ENVST-UA101 Environment and Society 4
CORE-UA200s Natural Science I 4
CORE-UA300s Natural Science II 4
BIOL-UA11 Principles of Biology I 4

24 credits. Students must take one course in each of the following areas.

Course Title Credits
CORE-UA400s Texts and Ideas 4
  Foreign Language I 4
CORE-UA500s Cultures and Contexts 4
CORE- UA700s Foreign Language II or Expressive Cultures 4
  Humanities Elective I 4
  Humanities Elective II 4