Program Outcomes

The BS in Marketing Analytics provides in-demand skills that will enable you to pursue a wide range of employment opportunities across many industries. Whether you choose to work in an in-house marketing department or opt to find a position on the agency side, you will benefit from academic content that has been developed in consultation with top experts in the field. Upon completion of this rigorous course of study, you will be able to:

  • Identify current and future consumer opportunities based on the integrated analysis of data from a variety of marketing channels, such as social media, email, e-commerce, mobile, video, and traditional offline channels.
  • Employ closed-loop marketing analytics to quantify and explain the performance of multichannel marketing/advertising that generates consumer leads, and subsequently leads that convert to actual customers.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing initiatives—for example, social media display advertising vs. marketing by email.
  • Adjust marketing campaigns (message and placement) in line with the information provided by marketing analytics.
  • Optimize marketing results on an individual, channel-by-channel basis, as well as across online and offline channels of marketing.
  • Communicate data-driven, strategic recommendations to business leadership.