Kenneth Sanchez

B.A. in Social Sciences with a Concentration in History
Alumnus, Class of 2007

Military veteran Kenneth Sanchez enrolled in 2007 in the NYU School of Professional Studies Paul McGhee Division through the government-funded Yellow Ribbon Program after completing approximately two years of active duty in the Army infantry. He heard about the Paul McGhee Division through a friend, and decided to earn a B.A. in Social Sciences with a concentration in History, a subject he found enthralling.

His military background combined with his interest in history resulted in him working on a project which documented the Iraq War refugee population. McGhee’s Etta Kallman Memorial Scholarship provided him with the funding that enabled him to travel to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. There, he gathered information about Iraqi refugees and produced a documentary for his senior project.

"As a student of history, I was particularly interested in the Iraq War," Sanchez notes. "It is a major world event that deeply affected me. The opportunity to make a documentary overseas would not have happened without support from my mentors at McGhee and without the scholarship I was awarded."

Many of the people in Sanchez’ film have concealed their identities for safety reasons. They granted interviews on the premise that Sanchez would show his film in a public forum only once. That showing took place at the George Sideris Honors and Scholars Symposium hosted by the NYU School of Professional Studies.

Like many McGhee students, Sanchez designed his own study-abroad experience, however, the Paul McGhee Division also provides more regularly scheduled overseas courses as well.

"I am truly grateful for my time at McGhee and for the scholarship that allowed me to work on a project that was both meaningful and life changing," he concludes.