Jon Weatherman

Jon Weatherma

BA in Humanities with a Concentration in Creative Writing
Alumnus, Class of 2010

Jon Weatherman had a successful, 18-year career as a bookstore and museum store manager. His colleagues assumed that he held a college degree, but in actuality, he had dropped out in 1973 to work. In 2004, Weatherman enrolled in the NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (formerly the NYUSPS Paul McGhee Division) to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.

Through the Division's process for prior learning assessment, Weatherman was given credit towards his degree for college-level course work he had completed as well as for life experience. He loved the curriculum in the humanities program and the fact that he was able to share his writing with his classmates. Reading his work aloud in class was a turning point for him. Feedback from his instructors and fellow students provided him with the confidence he needed to take his passion for writing and turn it into a full-time career.

When he graduated, he was awarded the distinction of being named a McGhee Scholar for his excellent grades. "Earning my degree allowed me to pursue a career in writing instead of just thinking about one," says Weatherman.