Greg Dussaq

Greg Dussaq

B.A. in Social Sciences with a Concentration in International Studies
Alumnus, Class of 2011

When Greg Dussaq was laid off from Wall Street in 2009, he knew it would be some time before the financial sector would begin rehiring. "It seemed like the perfect time for me to finish my degree," he recalls. The NYU School of Professional Studies Paul McGhee Division, geared to students returning to complete their undergraduate education, suited him perfectly. "Professors and administrators understood my situation completely," says Dussaq. Entering with credits earned at a previous institution of higher learning, he met with a McGhee advisor and planned a course of study that enabled him to graduate in two years with a B.A. in Social Sciences with a concentration in International Studies.

Not only did he excel in the classroom, but, he became deeply engaged in a multitude of NYU School of Professional Studies activities. In his second year, he was elected to be the School’s Senator, a role in which he represented more than 5,000 NYU School of Professional Studies degree-seeking students.

"I have to thank my professors for my success," he asserts. "They all were incredibly qualified and accessible." In recognition of his many accomplishments, Dussaq received the Harvey J. Stedman Award, given annually to a McGhee graduate who best exemplifies the life and the achievements of the adult student.

While Dussaq has begun a new job as COO of a start-up finance company, international studies and service still beckon. He just passed the first round of the Foreign Service Officer Test, was named one of seven NYU Student Senators-at-Large for 2011–12, and will be enrolling in the NYU School of Professional Studies M.S. in Global Affairs program.