Faculty Spotlight

Roseanna DeMaria

Adjunct Associate Professor, Leadership and Human Capital Management
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The professional value and intellectual enrichment you experience in an NYU School of Professional Studies classroom is the product of world-class faculty members. These scholar-practitioners draw their expertise largely from metropolitan-area and global industries. They include current and former senior executives of preeminent global corporations and Fortune 500 corporations who have experience in human resource management, organizational development, training and facilitation, organizational behavior, coaching, and human capital strategies.

Our faculty members bring to the classroom, as a matter of course, guest lecturers, case studies, research, and professional expertise that show you by example how to excel—and inspire you to find a way to give back to the profession, just as they do. As you come to know your professors through classes, workshops, and industry events, you experience, firsthand, their dedication to academic discovery, their eagerness to share their own research with you, and their commitment to mentor you while you conduct your own intellectual inquiries.