M.S. in Management and Systems | The Capstone Project

The Applied Project

In addition to the array of opportunities for networking and applied learning provided by the M.S. in Management and Systems program, the applied project offers a truly singular opportunity to give back to your community through your newly honed technical and management skills. The project offers you the chance to work with a startup company or nonprofit organization and propose a solution to a real business need. Each year, the program partners with nonprofit organizations to design student projects that not only advance your business acumen and technological skills, but also further your commitment to social responsibility. Examples of recent student projects include:

  • The development and implementation of a customer service component for an online retailer
  • The implementation of a project management program office
  • The development and implementation of medical records digitization and retrieval system
  • The design and implementation of a management dashboard for a real estate development firm
  • The application of traditional business practices to small nonprofits

The Thesis Project

You may elect to work on a thesis research project in lieu of the applied project. The thesis provides an opportunity to make a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in a subject area studied in the M.S. in Management and Systems program. Working under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor, students select a topic; develop a research model; conduct research and analysis; and write a significant thesis paper to be reviewed by experts in the field. Examples of recent student theses include:

  • An Exploration into the Universal Standardization of Electronic Medical Records in Hospitals that Are Striving for Interoperability
  • Collaboration Technologies and Virtual Teams: A Study of the Effectiveness of Collaboration Technologies in a Distance Learning Setting
  • Women and Mentorship: Mentorship Relationships Involving Women in the Finance Industry During the 2007-2009 Recession
  • A Study of the Relationship Between Potential Influential Factors and Consumer’s Attitudes Toward Mobile Instant Messaging Services
  • Content Credibility in Social Media