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Applied Research

Applied Research

Applied Research

Our early work has been concentrated in the Middle East, mostly in Iraq. Currently, IPE is engaged in the following projects:

Building University Capacity in Peace Education in Duhok and MosulIPE and the University of Duhok Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies (CPCRS) seek to achieve four objectives: 1. Deepening the peacebuilding knowledge and skills base of instructors at the University of Duhok and sharing that knowledge and skills with peace-focused academics and students at the University of Mosul; 2. Building the capacity of internally displaced and host community youth in Duhok, Sumel and Sheikhan to address tensions through enhancement of advocacy and community-initiative planning skills, and through facilitation of simulations aimed at practicing those skills; 3. Building socio-emotional skills needed for peacebuilding among University of Mosul students, and; 4. Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies and University of Mosul by establishing a certification process for trainers and an onboarding process that emphasizes a commitment to gender, racial, ethnic and religious equality in peacebuilding work. By meeting these objectives, the project, supported by the United Nations Development Programme, aims to enlarge and deepen the community of peacebuilding scholars and practitioners in Duhok and Ninewa governorates in Iraq.

Joint Certificate in Peacebuilding at the Domiz Refugee Camp IPE, which developed and ran an initial certificate program in collaboration with the CPCRS in early 2017, is implementing a second 120-hour blended-learning certificate program in late 2017 to another group of 20 Syrian refugees in Domiz Camp, with support from the Catalyst Trust Foundation for Universal Education. Participants will study in four courses taught by University of Duhok (UoD) instructors: Introduction to Peacebuilding; Conflict Assessment; Mediation Skills, and; Communication Skills for Peacebuilding Professionals. IPE oversees the project and provides quality control and support for the UoD instructors. CPCRS will organize and host a jobs fair for successful program participants.

Past Projects

Community Peace Education Program (2013-2017) In partnership with UoD, IPE helped to develop the Community Peace Education Program that invested in youth and education. More than 4000 high school students (Syrian refugees, internally displaced Iraqis, and residents of the host community) from over 150 schools and youth centers worked with trainers from CPCRS to develop knowledge and skills that have enabled them to become peace ambassadors in their communities. UoD hosted a Youth Summit that brought close to 400 students together to discuss their ongoing peacebuilding projects.

Improving Social Cohesion (2016-17) IPE worked with CPCRS to help Iraqis displaced from Ninewa province to Duhok to develop skills and approaches aimed at enabling their communities to deal constructively with difference. Tribal, religious, and political leaders from Ninewa took part in a series of CPCRS-hosted dialogues and skill-building sessions aimed at improving social harmony and breaking cycles of violence that the Islamic State’s emergence accelerated.

Iraq Re:Coded (2016-17) IPE taught computer coding skills to Syrian refugees, displaced Iraqis, and local youth in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), with the objective of providing them with the skills needed to gain income-generating employment within the private sector. This pilot project, conducted in partnership with the Dutch NGO SPARK, equipped 30 youth with English-language and computer coding skills over a one-year period.

Joint Research Seminar in Peacebuilding (2012–2014) CGA and CPCRS conducted two Joint Research Seminars in Peacebuilding, which brought students and alumni of UoD’s Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies to CGA to work with graduate student counterparts to develop proposals for peace research projects to be conducted in Duhok. The CGA graduate students and Professor Hill travelled to Duhok for three weeks in 2013 and again in 2014 to carry out their research projects with partners from UoD. These research projects culminated in the publication of Finding Peace in Iraq, Volumes 1 and 2.

Strengthening Capacity in Peacebuilding: Instruction and Practice (2010–2011) CGA and CPCRS cooperated on an 18-month project that brought 10 professors from UoD and three other Iraqi universities to New York in 2010 and 2011 for intensive work on developing a master’s curriculum in peace and conflict studies. The project allowed UoD to refine its master’s program and to build support at other Iraqi universities for this emerging field of study.