Xenia Roman Korobochkina
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Xenia Roman Korobochkina

Xenia Roman Korobochkina

MS in Global Affairs
Alumna, Class of 2012

While working in finance, I began researching MBA programs as I was contemplating a career transition. I enjoyed the industry but also was curious to explore and to learn more about the economic, political, and social implications of decisions being made inside and outside the private sector in the broader world. The ideal program would have a combination of theory and practice, that would allow me to engage in rich discussions with a diverse group of passionate people, debate current events with multiple lenses, and at the same time, build my business and financial skills. This is what I found in the MS in Global Affairs Private Sector concentration offered. The subjects provided a combination of applied courses in finance, strategy, and multinational corporations, but they also required me to step into discussions about the international political economy, grassroots organizations, international law, and beyond.

Going through this program reaffirmed my passion for the private sector. I believe in the positive impact that a well-established and effectively run business can have, and now I get to influence how some of these businesses operate. After graduating I joined BTS, a consulting firm that specializes in strategy implementation. What we do is bring an outsider's point of view to support, reinforce, or accelerate the execution of a business's strategy.

We are less than 500 consultants collaborating in a global company, which has translated into exposure to a wide array of experiences and travel, while engaging with a great group of diverse yet like-minded people. Daily work involves partnering with Fortune 100 companies, across industries and at all levels of an organization. We help these firms to understand how their decisions and actions impact their company's results and often also their broader ecosystem. We do this by taking audiences through experiences that allow them to expand their perspective of the business, build new skills and capabilities, and/or understand why their company is pursuing a certain strategy. It is a fun and challenging environment in which I get to apply a great deal of what I learned at CGA and build upon it.