Renowned Urbanist Richard Florida Named as One of the World’s Most Influential Thinkers in a Recently Published Ranking in MIT Technology Review


NEW YORK, August 19, 2013 – NYU Global Research Professor Richard Florida, one of the world’s leading authorities on economic competitiveness, cultural and technological innovation, and demographic trends, was recently named among the “World’s Most Influential Thinkers” by a study published in the MIT Technology Review that ranked today’s most influential thought leaders. The ranking was formulated as part of a detailed network analysis of influence and research discussions that examined 100 of the top thinkers in the fields of philosophy, sociology, economics, and the sciences.

Researchers and authors of the study, Karin Frick, Detlef Guertler, and Peter Gloor, noted in their paper, “Coolhunting for the World's Thought Leaders,” that they created the list by employing a sophisticated analysis which examined the breadth and the scope of web articles, blogs, and discussions generated by academicians and thought leaders. They then compared these results to a survey of 50 thought leaders, which asked them to name their most important influences.

According to their in-depth analysis, the top 10 influential thinkers are:

  1. Richard Florida – urban studies theorist and author of The Rise of the Creative Class
  2. Thilo Sarrazin – German politician and author of Europe Doesn’t Need the Euro
  3. Daniel Kahneman – Nobel prize-winning psychologist and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow
  4. David Graeber – anthropologist and author of The Democracy Project
  5. Steven Pinker – experimental psychologist and author of The Language Instinct  
  6. Douglas Rushkoff – media theorist and author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now
  7. Niall Ferguson – British historian and author of Civilization: The West and the Rest
  8. David Gelernter – computer scientist and author of America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats)
  9. Frank Schirrmacher – German journalist and author of Minimum
  10. Franz Josef Radermacher - German mathematician and co-founder of the Global Marshall Plan initiative

The full ranking and methodology of the study can be found in MIT Technology Review.

Florida, who teaches and lectures at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies, is involved in numerous projects and initiatives across NYU at sites around the world.

“I am beyond honored to be included in a list of such influential thinkers and academicians,” he said. “My work is deeply influenced and shaped by public discourse, and I am, therefore, incredibly flattered to be held in such high esteem.”

About Richard Florida
Richard Florida is one of the world's leading public intellectuals. Esquire Magazine named him one of the ‘Best and Brightest.’ He has written several national and international, best-selling books including, The Rise of the Creative Class, which received The Washington Monthly's Political Book Award and was cited as a major breakthrough philosophy by the Harvard Business Review. His ideas have been featured in major advertising campaigns, including those for BMW, and are being employed globally to change the way regions, nations, and companies compete. He is founder of the Creative Class Group, an advisory services firm, charting new trends in business and community.

Florida is a senior editor for The Atlantic.  He has written numerous articles for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, The Globe and Mail, The Boston Globe, the Financial Times and The Daily Beast. He is author of the book, Who's Your City?, which has been hailed as a national best-seller, an international best-seller, and an Amazon Book of the Month. His latest published work, The Great Reset, explains how new ways of living and working will drive post-crash prosperity.

Florida serves as director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and professor of Business and Creativity at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.  He is a global research professor at NYU, where he is involved in initiatives in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and across the University.

Previously, Florida held professorships at Carnegie Mellon University, served as a visiting professor at Harvard and MIT, and was a visiting fellow of the Brookings Institution. Florida earned a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

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