Fulbright Scholars Select NYU-SCPS

NEW YORK, May 11, 2011 – Fulbright Scholars continue to be attracted by the academic quality and reputation of NYU-SCPS master’s programs, faculty members, and the opportunities afforded by studying in New York City. As recipients of grants from the prestigious program of international exchange started in 1946 by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, these scholars constitute a vital part of the growing international population of NYU-SCPS. In 2009–2010, international students from nearly 60 countries comprised more than 10 percent of students enrolled in the School’s 15 master’s programs. 

Three current Fulbright Scholars shared with NYU-SCPS News some of their experiences here:

Joana Costa Knufinke
The professionalism and global perspectives of the M.S. in Publishing program, as well as the benefits of studying in New York City, the center of the publishing industry, are what drew Joana Costa Knufinke to NYU-SCPS. She knows that an NYU-SCPS master’s degree and work experience in New York City will open many doors when she returns to her native Spain.

Costa Knufinke gained valuable international experience this spring when she traveled on behalf of the NYU-SCPS Center for Publishing, along with three fellow graduate students from the Center, to work as a volunteer at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. The students blogged about the fair and collaborated on an article that appeared in Publishers Weekly. 

Costa Knufinke is the recipient of the 2011 Oscar Dystel Fellowship, awarded to an outstanding student in the graduate program in publishing. She holds an undergraduate degree in English language and literature, and a graduate degree in literature from the University of Barcelona. After earning her M.S. in Publishing, she will return to Spain to complete her Ph.D. in electronic publishing. Costa Knufinke’s studies at NYU-SCPS are sponsored by the Fulbright Program in Spain and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Aiman Kirmani
For Aiman Kirmani, it is the stellar reputation of the faculty members and the guest lecturers at NYU-SCPS who are at the forefront of their fields that appealed the most. In addition, since New York is the hub of the public relations field and the School’s M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication is rated the top program of its kind in the nation by PR Week, Kirmani knew NYU-SCPS was the best choice for pursuing her graduate study. She also was provided with an enthusiastic endorsement of the program by alumna Saman Qureshi, a former Fulbright Scholar, whom Kirmani met after Qureshi returned to her native Pakistan.
Through the program, Kirmani has examined how public relations and social media affect real-life situations all over the world. Her class discussions with industry executives have inspired her and have demonstrated how she can help develop the public relations field in Pakistan. “Today, because of social media, people can make a difference with very limited resources,” she notes.
Before enrolling in NYU-SCPS, Kirmani was a treasury officer at Shell Pakistan Limited. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing at the Institute of Business Administration in Pakistan. She intends to return to Pakistan and share what she’s learned at NYU-SCPS. 

Irene Rodriguez Alvarez
Journalist Irene Rodriguez Alvarez wanted to learn more about world affairs so she could better explain international conflicts to her readers in her native Spain. When she was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship, Alvarez selected the Center for Global Affairs (CGA) at NYU-SCPS to pursue her goals because of the real world focus of the program, as well as the University’s reputation in Europe.

An internship at the United Nations, where Alvarez worked in the public information office for Latin America and the Caribbean, enabled her to hear diplomats from around the globe debate issues firsthand and gain invaluable experience in a world-renowned international organization.

When she graduates this spring with her M.S. in Global Affairs, Alvarez hopes to work in the United States for a year, then return to Spain to work as a journalist or in communications in the field of sustainable development. Alvarez has written for El Mundo and holds two master’s degrees from Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain.